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Editor's note: This new section of Young Scholars' Voices is created to encourage young scholars (Masters & PhD students) from around the world to participate in The 4th Media's Global Dialogue as an International Open Forum. The 4th Media cordially invites young international scholars to present and freely share their genuine thoughts, ideas and wishes for a better future of the world. Anybody who is interested in this global open forum are strongly encouraged to submit their articles and papers to The 4th Media at However, FYI, if submitted articles and papers are filled with ill-willed thoughts and/or ideologically-tainted reproaches and flak for certain political ends, then all those articles and papers won't be honored and therefore will not be posted on our site. Thank you for your active participations in this Global Open Dialogue.

Capitalizing and profiteering from the occupation: corporate human rights violations in the occupied territories While the new cold war is taking its momentum, the world community is gradually forgetting other pressing issues; such as human rights, right to labor, human dignity and respect. Of course, the national and international corporations hereby play a major role […]

The “Trump Train” (once a Twitter hashtag and then a successful metaphor of the assertive, and to date unstoppable, reform wind blown by Donald Trump) is finally arrived at the White House. But this is very likely not the final destination of its journey. The Trump Train could soon arrive in Europe. And it would […]

The recent shootings in Orlando are, without a doubt, a terrorist attack. However, it is not the terrorism that so much of the mainstream media is playing into, with their focus being on shooter Omar Mateen’s alleged pledge of allegiance to ISIS. Rather, it is terrorism against the LGBT community, especially Latinx LGBT people, and, […]

(Game of Poker at best, Game of Chess at worst, and neither option should be celebrated) Nuclear security is seemingly in the vanguard of global attention, but the large framework of international provisions is increasingly perceived as a toothless tiger.In the contemporary age where asymmetric threats to security are one of the mostdangerous ones, the […]

The recent all-shoot out in Azerbaijan between the ethnic Armenians and Azerbaijani forces brought yet another round of casualties, psychological traumas and property destructions. Sudden and severe as it was, the event sent its shock waves all over Caucasus and well beyond. Is Caucasus receiving the ‘residual heat’ from the boiling MENA? Is this a […]

There is no need to argue on Saudi Arabia and Iran as the two biggest regional powers in the Gulf, the rising tension between the two countries who are engaged in proxy wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and somehow Bahrein had installed a climate of Cold War.2. How did we get there? Saudi Arabia existed […]

The increased involvement of different state and non-state actors in Syria with conflicting interests has rendered the horror-stricken country’s future bleak and more capricious than before. On February 11 and on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference 2016, it was announced that the United States, Russia and other world powers have agreed on the […]

Russia signed an inter-governmental agreement in early late January 2016 that would resettle Mongolia’s debt to Russia which totaled $172 million, 97 per cent of Mongolia’s total debt. The debt forgiveness signals Moscow is moving closer to Ulan Bataar as it slowly losses grip on other Former Soviet Union Republics economically. Mongolia also presents an […]

We have all been shafted by overdraft fees from our bank at some time or another. It’s an annoyance and frustration, especially to those of us who already don’t have much money as well as a constant puzzle: If one doesn’t have $5, how are they going to pay an extra $35? Yet banks continue […]

Interview of Andre Vltchek by Kourosh Ziabari An acclaimed philosopher and journalist who has recently visited Iran tells Fars News Agency that the reality of Iran is absolutely different from the way it’s being illustrated in the mainstream media. Andre Vltchek says “Iran that you see when visiting the country has nothing in common with […]

Please note that this article is being published as a three-part series on The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an organization that is shrouded in mystery, mainly due to the fact that the majority of people don’t even know of its existence. According to the BIS itself, the main purpose of the Bank […]

An article in the New York Times was published recently discussing that the US and Turkey had agreed to create a ‘safe zone’ in Syria. Specifically the article stated that the plan was to have “an Islamic State-free zone controlled by relatively moderate Syrian insurgents, which the Turks say could also be a ‘safe zone’ […]

What occurred on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya has been mired in controversy, political agendas, stories appearing and disappearing and rumors. This report is an attempt to go past all of the political nonsense and the varying political opinions, to get to the heart of exactly what went on that night to the best […]

Students attend college to pursue their interests, broaden their intellectual horizons and make headway toward a career. While this is made difficult due to the amount of debt that many must saddle in order to earn a degree, there is also another, much stealthier problem as well: the college bureaucracy. University bureaucracies absorb large amounts […]

It’s been four years since a group of US Navy Seals assassinated Osama bin Laden in a night raid on a high-walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The killing was the high point of Obama’s first term, and a major factor in his re-election. The White House still maintains that the mission was an all-American affair, […]

Civil forfeiture is a major issue that’s recently gotten into the news, notably due to Attorney General Eric Holder’s change to the controversial police action of seizing people’s property. Unfortunately, Holder’s actions, while laudable, won’t stop the massive damage that has already been done – and may very well continue the problem. Because although the […]

Don’t be bad with 1%, don’t accuse them for having it all and doing nothing to earn it. 99% firmly believes that a greed is good… Spoiling mood, but being good for your food, as it should? **?????????? ?????????? ?????????? **?????????? ?????????? **?????????? ?????????? ** Amidst the many maladies of today’s global society, a tide […]

ABSTRACT While human rights are meant to represent a secular morality, there are surprising parallels to be drawn with religions. Perhaps most striking is the realization that human rights are actually based on faith, as was already recognized at the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This dependence on faith has deep implications […]

The Central African Republic is currently awash in media coverage regarding the ongoing sectarian violence and general upheaval in the country. While many outlets have discussed the situation in the CAR, there have been few fully encompassing analyses of the violence that it in a proper historical context and discuss the interests of some of […]

– All We Need is Fromm   Where is the love? Could we get it from Fromm with wisdom 60 years after? *?????????? *?????????? *?????????? * As luck would have it, David Cameron has become Barack Obama’s proper ‘bro’. To be fair-minded, let us start thinking about this alleged brotherly love by not being distracted […]

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